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Random Stuff I've Been Drawing by Teddie-Chan Random Stuff I've Been Drawing by Teddie-Chan
Well I've seen other people do this, and I had a bunch of doodles I have on my Computer that aren't good enough to post yeah. XP And these were all done on the computer, ok?


1. A Picture of casual America and was done at my school.
2. Uhhh...bleeding!Canada...yeah I don't know why I drew this...
3. Just eye practice.
4. Fem!Yandere!Eye!Spain.
5. I believe this is the Evil Cow of Hell.
6. A doodle of Northern Italy done at my school.
7. A Waddle Dee doodle done at my school.
8. Crazy face sketch of Russia. As you can see, I neeed some more practice. XD
9. America VS Russia.
10. America drawing done at my school.
11. Tony the Alien. HE STARES INTO YOUR SOUL
12. Fire-breathing dino.
13. Crappy galaxies. Done at school.
14. Kirby VS Zero
15. France is very serious at England...
16. Poland been a fussy girl.
17. Practically the same as #16 but is smaller and faces the other direction.
18. Holy Roman Empire and Chibitallia. First Chibis done on the computer (That are full body).
19. I don't have a picture for #19 XD
20. South Korea doodle done at school.
21. Drunk!Naked!England hates you.
22. Soviet Russia done at school with SprayPaint Tool.
23. Dark Woods Circus done at school.
24. Northern Italy's face.
25. Chibi Russia done at school.
26. Done in photoshop. 8D It looks kinda' like :la: doesn't it?
27. Poland's face.
28. Sealand doodle done at school.
29. Uhhhhhh.....topless person standing away from the door done with the Pencil Tool.
30. Crying Latvia...the poor guy...
31. A Romano tomato! (Haha, get it?)
32. Shirtless Russia koling his heart out~
33. Shirtless America...
34. Happy Child!Russia caught with red hands.
35. Romano tries to get his tomato from the floor.
36. Four wolves, I was trying out natural color schemes.
37. Russia's taking a shower...Playing with color schemes again.
38. Russia's smile from the side.
39. Me stretching~
40. REALLY OLD-a sketch of an OC I had in a Vocaloid RP.

I don't own Hetalia, Vocaloid, or Kirby!!!

I do own myself, the wolves, #5, #12, #13, #26, and #40!!
l-MattieEH-l Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012
This made my dayy XD
Teddie-Chan Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm happy I made you happy! :D
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November 26, 2010
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